Cries in the Dark book cover

By Daniel Moe

Who Hears Their Cries in the Dark

Stories of Rescue and Hope

Who Hears Their Cries in the Dark? is about hope. Hope for the victims of childhood trauma, hope for their perpetrators, and hope for the brave and courageous first responders who have God-given compassion for those who cannot protect themselves.

About the Author

Daniel Moe

DANIEL MOE is a retired investigator for Child Safety of 26 years. He is an ordained pastor and has headed the Prison Ministry at his local church for many years, and was formerly a team leader with food bank ministry.

Daniel has a Master of Applied Sociology degree with an emphasis in corrections, and a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice. He earned All-American status as a swimmer in high school and college. His passions are his relationship with God, swimming, hiking, and family.

Daniel and his wife reside in Arizona with their grown children and grandchildren.

In this video, Daniel Moe discusses his book, and why he decided it was so important to share this information with others.


This new book by Daniel Moe truly resonates with me. As a human being, my heart breaks for the children and for those affected in these stories, and as a Christian, my heart goes straight to prayer for understanding, and for healing. My prayer also is that we as a church can begin to minister to every person dealing with the issues and realities shared in this book, and to share the love of God, and pray for His mercy, peace, and hope that only comes from Him. Thank you Daniel Moe for writing this book.

– Christopher Haro

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An important read…

An important book to read to get a glimpse of what goes on with the most vulnerable in our world, our children. The book paints an unvarnished view of what can happen when parents don’t or can’t parent. It left me with a new appreciation for child service workers, foster parents and all those who support them. A tough read but also gives hope and a call to action to those of us on the sidelines.

Dave Sawyer

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A call to action on behalf of our children

As a retired pediatric surgeon, I am all too familiar with the subject of this book: traumatized children.
This book is a gripping story of one man’s life in the trenches of social warfare fighting for our children; particularly, those who are neglected or abused.
This is a hard book to recommend simply because of its subject matter – yet it is a must read if you care for our most valuable resource – our children and grandchildren.
One can’t read this book without being moved to do something for them. I can see why Dan Moe wrote this book. It is a story that must be told. It is a clarion call to action.


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A passionate retelling of stories and hope from a CPS front line social worker.

This is a passionate retelling of some of Daniel’s most memorable cases of abuse and neglect as a first responder called to help children. He uses the stories to show the realties of the evil but also brings a strong message of hope to victims and perpetrators. His book has caused me to think about what my husband and I could do in our new community to help – possibly be short term foster parents for kids who need an immediate safe place to live until a more permanent home is found.


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A professional lifetime of experience of a caring Christian distilled into once small book

I read Daniel’s book quickly because it held my interest on many levels. The book introduced me to a dark segment of American society where children are victims of abuse. It describes some of the authors attempts to make a difference, both successes and failures. The author also outlines simple ways to make real change. He does this with grace reminding me that Jesus stands with the “least of these” and even the abusers as they move toward Him. All these levels are written from a professional life time of actual experience within the battle itself, with Jesus beside him; decades of experience distilled into one small book.

As the Covid pandemic has inspired an increase in premed applications; this book should inspire those who want to make a difference to step forward and meet the challenge of this epidemic of child abuse which is much more serious, in my opinion.


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