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Who Hears Their Cries in the Dark?

Stories of Rescue and Hope

Who Hears Their Cries in the Dark? is about hope. Hope for the victims of childhood trauma, hope for their perpetrators, and hope for the brave and courageous first responders who have God-given compassion for those who cannot protect themselves.

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a message that needs to be told today

This new book by Daniel Moe truly resonates with me. As a human being, my heart breaks for the children and for those affected in these stories, and as a Christian, my heart goes straight to prayer for understanding, and for healing. My prayer also is that we as a church can begin to minister to every person dealing with the issues and realities shared in this book, and to share the love of God, and pray for His mercy, peace, and hope that only comes from Him. Thank you Daniel Moe for writing this book.

– Christopher Haro


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